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How you can increase your sales simply using Facebook Features

3/15/19 2:53 PM



Sofia Galiano, Content Curator

You are most likely already using social media to promote your business online, with Facebook being a long-standing favorite for most companies. They have developed the platform over time to present companies with more control over their digital marketing initiatives.

If attracting more visibility on your Facebook Page and driving traffic back to your website is what you are most interested in, there is a function inside Facebook that can help you achieve this - and that’s Facebook’s ‘Boost Post’ button. 



Watch our Director of Digital Programs, Thiago, explain the benefits of boosting a post on Facebook and some tips to keep in mind to help you get the most from this platform.

Creating an eye-catching video for your social media is only half of a leading digital media strategy. The other half is getting your audience to see your content while scrolling through Facebook. With the Facebook option to boost a post, targeting prospects become easier.

The Boost Post feature allows you to target an appropriate audience for your content. So When boosting your post under the ‘audience’ section you can define some of the specific settings you would like to apply to your post such as city, age range, and other key specifications to place your video content in front of the most qualified leads.

optimize-marketing-results-gif👈 See how you can optimize your marketing results 

You can then assign a budget for the post, which will determine how long it will be boosted. Maybe you want to boost your video during a week-long convention to attract event attendees to your business. This will require a larger budget than a post you boost for a day.  

No matter your budget, whether $50 or $5000, boosting your content effectively will require some skill. Knowing how to use the Boost Post features on Facebook can be costly if not done correctly, so speaking with a digital marketing consultant can benefit your pockets in the long-run. Worry about one less thing and let us help you boost your business online today.

Sofia Galiano
Written by Sofia Galiano

When it comes to capturing and cultivating Trifecta’s essence online, Sofia is our go-to person. Her background in journalism and hand in capturing award-winning photos give her a unique angle in telling our story through engaging, informative content.

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