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The Difference Between a Good Company Video and a Highly Visible Company Video

3/12/19 3:17 PM



Sofia Galiano, Content Curator

Here at Trifecta, we create quality videos that are tied to the strategic marketing plans of our clients. We start by knowing intimately their buyer personas and later crafting a message that fits the customer journey. We don’t create off the cuff. We intentionally look for ways to influence the sales process.

The power of a strong company video was recently described by Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer by Acuity Ads:

Video ads are like a Swiss-Army knife that can be used to address multiple brand objectives. A video campaign that enhances brand equity and also delivers on short-term sales can be considered highly successful.  

But there’s a big difference between a great company video and a highly visible company video. The latter is the kind that looks to be in front of as many eyeballs as possible to make a great first impression. The goal is to influence thought in the first couple seconds not minutes. A highly visible company video can literally determine whether or not someone chooses to engage with you, making these moments crucial for leaving a positive, lasting impression.

There’s a lot of prep work to consider when creating a company video that's highly visible. The prep work before the video is sometimes more critical than a big production budget. The message you want to convey has to be clear while keeping the concept simple. A good company video achieves three things as listed below. A highly visible company video does a little bit more.


In our company video, you’ll notice a CTA (or Call-To-Action) toward the end asking viewers to contact us for a free marketing assessment. These CTA’s are a key part of any marketing videos and are placed to encourage viewers to take action. In addition, we’ve embedded a form, encouraging people to sign up for our blog, Video Marketing Ramp Up. This maximizes the effectiveness of your video and promotes lead generation by giving your viewer clear next steps -- rather than just leaving them hanging.

If you need help creating a highly visible company video, count on us to produce and launch your company video. This way your video achieves the intended results and more. A highly visible company video is one that can be re-purposed to do more. We can help here. If you’re interested in expanding online or generating more new business, go ahead and claim your free marketing assessment. Your first step toward growth and the perfect corporate video is just one call away.

Sofia Galiano
Written by Sofia Galiano

When it comes to capturing and cultivating Trifecta’s essence online, Sofia is our go-to person. Her background in journalism and hand in capturing award-winning photos give her a unique angle in telling our story through engaging, informative content.

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