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4 min read

How to Reinvent Your Business With Video in a Social Distancing Era

By Jakob Muller on 5/19/20 3:02 PM

Recently, we posted a webinar about how to reinvent your business with video in the social distancing era. For those who sadly missed it, we still have it available on our website, but we also wanted to provide you with this quick summary to get you all caught up.

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4 min read

What Does Video Mean for Your Business Post COVID-19?

By Emmanuel Trenche on 4/29/20 4:00 PM

I was the MarComm exec who treated video as an afterthought to an edgy marketing idea. I saw it as a “better way to communicate” when I “absolutely needed it.”

What I didn’t know is that my relationship with video was one-sided. 

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4 min read

Plan Your 2020 Inbound Marketing Strategy

By Maria Aponte on 1/16/20 2:23 PM

The moment has come for us marketers to thoroughly plan out the objectives and strategies that will guide us over the next twelve months.

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3 min read

How Video Marketing Can Help You Meet Your New Year’s Business Goals

By Eliana Rodriguez on 1/10/20 9:50 AM

A new year begins and so does planning ahead.

While you evaluate your company’s performance during the previous year and review the impact your marketing actions had on your business goals, you need to acknowledge new strategies that can help you boost this year's efforts.

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2 min read

Trifecta Creative Collective Wins Magellan Award for Second Year In a Row

By Jenna Kopec on 10/3/19 12:58 PM

Trifecta Creative Collective is proud to announce that through our work with ShoreTrips, we have been recognized by Travel Weekly’s Magellan Awards for the second year in a row.

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4 min read

What Does 5G Mean for Online Videos?

By Sofia Galiano on 3/12/19 12:00 PM


Sofia Galiano, Content Curator

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6 min read

3 Tips to Better Your Video Marketing

By Sofia Galiano on 9/10/18 9:17 AM



Sofia Galiano, Content Curator

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