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Team Overview

Great execution starts with the right team.

Meet Trifecta: a talented group of creatives that join our love of video, design and digital marketing to help you execute with style.

Hugo Tabares

Hugo Tabares

Co-founder, Executive Producer

Hugo is well versed in all stages of video production, with a focus on delivering the best experience to our clients. With more than 20 years in the media realm, Hugo tells the stories of many major brands in both the U.S. and Latin American markets.

Joel Wilcoxson

Joel Wilcoxson

Co-founder, Creative Director

Joel’s 15 years of experience in TV production, design and mograph is at work to make our clients’ vision come to life. He ensures our video is on-message, results-driven and visually stunning. He guarantees all roadmaps meet our strict creative standards.


Emmanuel Trenche, MBA

Partner, Growth Marketing Executive

As a communications maven, steadfast entrepreneur, and professional doer, Emmanuel leads the strategic growth plans of Trifecta and our clients. He has 10 years of VP-level marketing experience and is driven by creating and executing business plans that work.

Vesko Urukov

Vesko Urukov

Digital Media Executive

Vesko is our Digital Media Executive with a passion for joining art, tech and business. Whether it’s running a video campaign on social media or analyzing the success of an ad – he is the man with the plan.

Trifecta - Digital Mastermind

Thiago Silva

Digital Marketing Consultant

Thiago is a natural-born problem solver keeping our 200+ clients and agency relevant online, around the clock. He is the digital developer and code aficionado always lending a helping hand. Basically, he’s a wizard with data.

Diego Nieto

Diego Nieto

Director Of Finance And Operations

Diego helps the business operate smoother at our U.S. and Colombia offices. He manages our finances and internal operations, placing emphasis on workflow optimization by developing online programs to keep the team in sync.

Frank Pulgar

Frank Pulgar

Video Editor

He is the man making magic happen in post-production. Frank is a seasoned videographer, with over 10 years in the business. His role is to bring our storyboards to life on set and in post, using video to amplify our client’s message in a timely manner.

Jenna Kopec

Jenna Kopec

Creative Writer and Engagement Specialist

Jenna’s background in journalism and social media marketing makes her our go-to on written content that’s clear, engaging and unique. A story-teller at heart, she helps clients figure out what they want to say, and the best way to say it.

dario rocha Trifecta Video Colombia

"Gato" Dario Rodriguez

Creative Marketing Director

Dario is responsible for connecting our clients to their customers by using data analytics and results-driven marketing strategies. His tech savvy and gamer background has amplified his 6+ years of experience in digital marketing to create video that drives results.


Justin Agustin

Digital Marketing Specialist

From digital ads to graphic design, Justin is versatile in his ability to drive results online. Justin's extensive background in marketing and data analytics is how we take our campaigns to the next level, so our clients can target the right buyers, instantly.


Reinaldo Guerrero

Executive Producer, Latin America Division

An expert in video production and cinematography, Reinaldo leads the video-making process in Latin America. Reinaldo’s 10+ years of experience brings ideas to life in the most captivating way possible.

cami fuquene Trifecta Video Colombia

Camila Fuquene

Motion Graphics Designer

Camila honors our promise to deliver quality video by using best-in-class motion graphics and strategic 2D animation in client projects. Her 5+ years of graphic design experience adds an interesting dynamic to each video, surpassing our clients’ expectations every time.


Andres "Pipé" Martinez

Senior Videographer

Andres, who goes by “Pipé," is one of our top videographers. His drone-operating skills and creative eye are what make so many of our clients coming back for more.